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Our goal for our Preschool students is to provide quality education. As a parent we understand that it is hard to find the right learning centre. However, we feel that by enrolling your child in The Learning Circle’s Preschool program it will help enrich their desire to learn.


Why parents should put their child in TLC’s Preschool?


1.   We strive to provide individual attention to each child and encourage the realization of each student’s

      fullest potential.


2.   Children thrive in smaller learning environments. Groups are split up accordingly to child’s needs and

      development to ensure the highest potential of learning is provided.


3.   TLC’s unique curriculum has been designed with a holistic approach.  


4.   It is a complete program to treat the whole child – MIND, BODY & SOUL.  


5.   Our program and facility is designed with appeal to parents who want significantly more than traditional

      childcare centers.


6.   Age and developmentally appropriate activities and learning environment.


7.   Individual progress report


8.   Parent Teacher Conferences


9.   Teachers encourage students to test out their curiosity in many ways such as; touch base on all areas of curriculum

      as well as ask as many questions.


10.  Through structured play and daily routines children will learn various skills to gain confidence and independence and to prepare them for Kindergarten. Visual Arts will allow them to express and explore their creativity while developing fine motor skills.  Circle time will help guide children to participate as a group, to sit and focus when directed, and to learn about different weekly themes and songs.  


TLC's Core Curriculum

•Language Development & Vocabulary

•Music & Movement

•Science & Discovery

•Visual Arts & Artistic Expression

•Math Concepts

•Sensorial Exploration



Montessori Elements

•Practical Life




Academic Package

•Letterland Phonics


•Universal Values



Health And Fitness Package

•Hot Lunch Program

•Martial Arts


•Physical Education



Additional Elements

•Individual Progress Reports

•Parent Teacher Conferences


As a parent, you also likely want to know what your child has accomplished throughout the year. The Preschool teachers will have progress reports/evaluations for you at the end of January as well as the end of the school year. Parents will be contacted towards the end of the year to meet with our Preschool teacher to have a one-on-one parent/teacher meeting to go over the progress reports/evaluations in detail. This will help teacher/parent communication and as a parent you will be able to know what your child has learned in class and what is expected of them at their age level.


*Please understand that our focus is to provide quality education. We will be focusing on age appropriate activities and “setting our students up for success.”


Please call the office to ask any detailed questions related to our campus or the program.


To book a private tour or register CLICK HERE to find a Learning Circle Campus in your area.  SPACES are LIMITED.

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