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Welcome to Foundations 2 Class - Explorers (AGES: 2 to 3 YEARS OLD)


In our Foundations 2 - Explorers class for children aged 2-3, we continue to build upon the strong foundation established in our Early Learners class. Our curriculum is designed to encourage children's growth and development in all areas, including language, literacy, and communication. Our program promotes bilingual education in French and Spanish, and children will further develop their skills in letterland phonics and literacy.

In this class, children will be introduced to advanced concepts in science and mathematics through hands-on, inquiry-based activities that foster problem-solving and discovery skills. Our visual and performing arts program will continue to inspire creativity and self-expression through engaging activities and experiences. The curriculum also places a strong emphasis on life skills and sensory awareness, promoting healthy habits and social-emotional development.


School Hours:  Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

*Arrival Time:  9:30 am


*For an interruption-free learning environment, students must arrive in the classroom by 9:30 a.m. Late arrival will be marked as absence. If a student has an appointment, please inform the teacher beforehand to accommodate their needs and minimize disruption to the class.


Our Foundations 2 - Explorers Curriculum:

  • Language Development and Vocabulary:

    • Encourage the growth of language skills through interactive play and hands-on activities.

  • Music, Movement, and Dance:

    • Expand students' knowledge and appreciation for music, movement, and dance through engaging activities and experiences.

  • Sensory and Performing Arts:

    • Support creativity and self-expression through visual arts, sensory exploration, and performing arts activities.

  • Science and Mathematics:

    • Introduce fundamental concepts in science, technology, and mathematics through hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

  • Life Skills and Sensory Awareness:

    • Develop important life skills and sensory awareness through hands-on experiences and activities.

  • Health and Well-being:

    • Promote physical activity, healthy habits, and wellness through our health and fitness program, mindful movement practices, and hot lunch and snack program.

  • Character Education:

    • Encourage the development of universal values and ethics through interactive activities and discussions.

  • Sign Language:

    • Building their knowledge of sign language to support communication and language development.


Come along with us and learn what makes TLC unique, just like our kids.


Inside Your Foundations 2 - Explorer’s Day:

  • Routine:

    • A structured and consistent daily schedule to provide stability and promote learning.

  • Interactive Learning:

    • Engage and hands-on activities to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Group experiences:

    • Build social and emotional connections through collaborative activities and discussions.

  • Storytime:

    • Enhance language, literacy, and communication skills through interactive stories and the introduction of bilingual education in French and Spanish.

  • Mealtime:

    • Fuel the body with a balanced diet and promote healthy eating habits.

  • Foundations of Mindful Movement:

    • Focus on developing self-awareness, self-confidence, and inner peace through interactive and fun activities.  

  • Science and Mathematics:

    • Explore advanced concepts in science, technology, and mathematics through hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

  • Creative Arts and Sensory Exploration:

    • Nurture creativity and self-expression through visual and performing arts activities.

  • Life Skills and Sensory Awareness:

    • Develop important life skills and sensory awareness through hands-on experiences and activities.

  • Sign Language:

    • Introduce the basics of sign language to support communication and language development.

  • Outdoor Time:

    • Promote physical activity and exploration of the environment.

  • Flexibility:

    • Adapt to meet the individual needs of each child while maintaining a structured and consistent routine.


Goals for Our Foundations 2 - Explorers (Ages 2-3):

  • Foster a sense of belonging and significance for each explorer, promoting their growth and development

  • Build and expand upon language skills, including clear and expressive communication

  • Enhance social and emotional development through cooperative play and interactive activities

  • Foster physical development with gross motor skills and coordination

  • Encourage cognitive development through problem-solving and critical thinking tasks

  • Develop fine motor skills through hands-on activities and manipulation of objects

  • Promote a positive self-concept and self-esteem through supportive and inclusive learning experiences

  • Encourage creativity and self-expression through art, music, and sensory exploration activities

  • Improve attention span and concentration through structured and engaging learning interactions

  • Support and encourage healthy potty training when developmentally appropriate

  • Fostering healthy habits and physical activity through outdoor play and mindful movement practices

  • Understand and express a range of emotions and developing empathy towards others.

Every child develops at their own rate, so it's important to remember that it's normal for some kids to hit milestones earlier or later than others.


Foundations 2 - Explorers to Foundations 3 - Pathfinders Class: Identifying Readiness & Key Indicators


Social & Emotional:

  • Shows independence and self-confidence

  • Shows concern for others and their feelings

  • Shares with others and takes turns in games

  • Uses language to solve problems

  • Imitates behaviour of adults and peers

  • Enjoys group play

  • Shows interest in books and stories


Language & Communication:

  • Uses 4-5 word sentences

  • Asks questions to clarify information

  • Enjoys singing and reciting nursery rhymes

  • Uses descriptive words to describe objects and experiences

  • Follows simple rules in group games

  • Engages in conversations and negotiations with others



  • Counts to 10 and beyond

  • Completes simple puzzles with 3-4 pieces

  • Builds towers with 10 or more blocks

  • Explores cause and effect relationships with toys

  • Identifies and matches colours

  • Can copy a square and a circle

  • Shows curiosity about the world around them

Movement & Physical Development:

  • Hops and jumps with both feet

  • Throws and catches a ball with two hands

  • Balances on one foot

  • Climbs on and off furniture

  • Uses scissors and crayons with control

  • Runs with a steady and balanced pace.


These are just some of the many signs that a child in the Foundations 2 - Explorers class may be ready to move on to the next level, Foundations 3 - Pathfinders. Every child develops at their own pace and it's important to keep this in mind.


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