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TLC’s curriculum has been designed by blending the very best of educational theories. We strive to provide individual attention to each child and encourage the realization of each student’s fullest potential.


TLC curriculum provides exposure to rewarding classroom experiences that will lead to lifelong love of learning and success. Each child is encouraged to access their creativity and inner gift that helps them develop as individuals, at their own personal pace. 


TLC’s unique curriculum has been designed with a holistic approach.  It is a complete program to treat the whole child – MIND, BODY & SOUL.  Our program and facility is designed with appeal to parents who want significantly more than traditional childcare centers.


Patience, love and seeing the beauty of every child are important aspects of our program.



TLC's Core Curriculum

•Language Development & Vocabulary

•Music & Movement

•Science & Discovery

•Visual Arts & Artistic Expression

•Math Concepts

•Sensorial Exploration



Montessori Elements

•Practical Life




Academic Package

•Letterland Phonics


•Universal Values



Health And Fitness Package

•Hot Lunch Program

•Martial Arts


•Physical Education



Additional Elements

•Individual Progress Reports

•Parent Teacher Conferences


Studies do show that children enrolled in high quality early childhood programs tend to be more successful in school, are more competent socially and emotionally, and show higher verbal and intellectual development than children not enrolled in high quality programs. 


If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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