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Study Says That Daughters Who Were Nagged By Their Mothers Are More Successful

All you sweet moms out there who have daughters, we’ve got good news for you. Those days you’ve spent worrying about whether your girls have gotten the message are paying off.

In a study conducted by the University of Essex, it was found that daughters whose mothers constantly nagged them during adolescence were more likely to be successful than those with super laidback moms.

Oh yes. The mom looks you’ve had to shoot across the room. The reminders, arguments, discussions, and perceived harassment you’ve dished out. You having to endure snarky mumbles and comments. Oh yeah, they’re all worth it.

The study looked at the lives of over 15,000 13 and 14-year-old teenage girls for six years. Results concluded that young ladies who had a main parent (usually the mother) that stayed on top of them about chores, school, and responsibilities were more likely to go to college and have high paying jobs.

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