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I’m Not Afraid To Be A ‘Mean Mom,’ Because I Don’t Want To Raise A**holes

On any given day, my kids are pissed at me for one reason or another.

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Either I asked them to clean up the puddles they left in the bathroom, or I cut their Xbox time too short. Sometimes I even have the audacity to ask them to pick up the dog poop in the backyard or take their dinner plate to the sink.

Sometimes I’m a nagging mom. Sometimes I’m a strict mom. And sometimes I’m, dare I say, the meanest mom EVER.

Generally, I think I’m a fairly laid-back parent about lots things — most things even. I say yes to lots of things — screen time, unhealthy snacks, and later bedtimes. I don’t hound them about their grades (as long as they try hard and respect their teachers). I overlook the socks on the floor and get off their back about the disaster that is their bedroom. Look, I don’t even get hot and bothered when they don’t put the toilet seat down (which is pretty much all the time).

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