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At The Learning Circle, your child is special and, like you, we want the best of everything for them - especially early education and care.  You need someone who will provide the same kind of caring and nurturing attention you give them.  For that kind of care, there is a special place nearby: The Learning Circle Childcare Daycare Campus.  We are greatful to have families trusted us with their children since 1992.  Looking for the right Daycare Childcare Preschool near you?   Click here to find a Learning Circle closest to you!

TLC’s curriculum has been designed by blending the very best of educational theories. We strive to provide individual attention to each child and encourage the realization of each student’s fullest potential.


TLC curriculum provides exposure to rewarding classroom experiences that will lead to lifelong love of learning and success. Each child is encouraged to access their creativity and inner gift that helps them develop as individuals, at their own personal pace. Read more >


Core Programs

Junior Kindergarten Level 1
Ages 10 months to 2.5 years
Infants & Toddlers
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Junior Kindergarten Level 2
Ages 2.5 to 5 years
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Ages 2.5 to 5 years
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Before & After school Care
Ages 5 to 12 years
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As a circle has no beginning or end; we at The Learning CIRCLE recognize the connection of the mind, body and spirit.  We have developed a unique approach which addresses a child as a whole; physically, personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually as well as cognitive aspects of their care and learning experiences.

Holistic Approach

Mindful Kids Yoga
Ages 1 to 5 years
Included in JKL 1 & JKL2
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Hot Lunch & Snacks
Ages 10 months to 12 years
Included in all Core Programs*
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Summer Preschool
Ages 2.5 to 5 years
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Pre-Registration Starts May 2020
Summer Camp
Ages 5 to 12 years
Check Back in 2020
Pre-Registration Starts May 2020
Kids Martial Arts
Ages 4 to 12 years
Extra Curriculum
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Why are the early years important to a child's healthy development?
Why are the early years a smart investment?
Do all childrean have an equal chance?

Additional Programs

It's import to provide our children the basic of early education and care however, at the the Learning Cirlce we go one step further.  We believe that every child should be in an environment of balance.  With our holistic approach to early education every child will not only excel academically but physically, emotionally, mentaly, and spiritually as well.

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